Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

Bill Himmelstein – The best practice for business development for me has been doing business development for others.
Gary Breden – Relationships are the best means for developing businesses. Setting up channel partnerships.
Keith Glantz – Over-deliver with quality and then clients become the salespeople. Looking into the EOS model.
Jay Sharman – Best sales have been one degree of separation. I get most new clients organically by asking clients. I failed miserably when spending money on marketing.
Paola Meinzer – Focus on relationships. Be a part of different groups and be engaged in those groups.
Bill Gimbel – It’s not about selling. It’s about servicing and providing value. The ultimate compliment from a client is a referral. You should ask for the referral.
Ken Daemicke – Networking. Chambers, Rotary, NFP boards. Get involved. Ask: “How can I help you?”
Dominic Rinaldi – Using your phone works! Calling an owner of a business has been the most effective practice for business development. I use a CRM system and mine the data. If under $10m, around 2x-5x of adjusted EBITDA. The owner needs to stick around to transition relationships.
Zori Haouchine – Personal connections have been the most important. I want to focus on doing the things I want to do.
Paul Pagel – Growth through software wave. Started based on relationships. You can’t scale care. I did it through employee ownership. I want to transition to a team running the company.
Ben Olson – Channel partnerships like PE firms, they’re great people to work with. I want to get people together more.
Michael LaVista – Our marketing is excellent deliverables. 70% of our business is from other software companies. I’m going to write a book this year.
Charlie Franklin – I join and participate in organizations.
Thank you to all who attended!
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TAG Executives Breakfast Guest List
Keith Glantz, President & Chief Creative Officer, Glantz Design
Jay Sharman, CEO/Founder, TeamWorks Media
Paul Pagel, CEO, 8th Light
Bill Gimbel, President, LaSalle Benefits
Michael LaVista, Founder & CEO, Caxy Interactive
Steve Brown, President Stratego, Partners
Zori Haouchine, Founder & Creative Director, ZOHA Architecture & Design
Jay Sharman, Founder & CEO, Team Works Media
Dan Dooley, CEO, Morris Anderson
Mike Olson, Director of Acquisitions, DecisionOne Dental
Domenic Rinaldi, Managing Partner, Sun Acquisitions
Ken Daemicke, Partner, Mueller
Paola Meinzer, Partner, Manning Silverman
Ben Olson, Founding Partner, Faircourt Partners
Charles Franklin, Managing Partner, Franklin Law Group
Jay Page, Co-Founder, CEO, Grey Street Capital