Juna Network interviews Bill on networking, sales and delivering on your Promises

Where businesses and highly-networked individuals connect to monetize referrals.

Our CEO, Bill Himmelstein, talks about his daily routines and how to become a pro at networking with Juna Sales Network.

One question that was asked is what daily routines or habits can help your days to be more productive? Bill responded with:

“Networking events need to be valuable, especially if they are taking time from your morning or evening. Try to bring the people you want to meet with you to the event. This way you can ensure the networking will be productive and worth your time.”

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Bill Himmelstein Talks Luxury Amenities With The Chicago Tribune

Well Lit Living Room

The Chicago Tribune reached out to Bill Himmelstein to discuss the rising trend of luxury amenities and its effectiveness in attracting renters.

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Bill Himmelstein Featured in Emagispace

The latest movement in office design is uniting the benefits of both the open floor plans and private offices. Emagispace reached out to Bill Himmelstein for advice on how to balance the two designs to create a space that promotes independent and collaborative productivity.

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Voyage Chicago Features Tenant Advisory Group

Voyage Chicago reached out to Bill Himmelstein to dive deep into the history of how Tenant Advisory Group began, and the foundation it was built upon. Click here to read more.

Bill Himmelstein Featured on Money Matters Podcast

Money Matters invited Bill Himmelstein on their podcast to share his experiences in starting his own business, as well as divulging tips to young people on how to advance in the industry. You can listen to the podcast here.

Bill Himmelstein on Business Insanity Talk Radio

Barry Moltz, host of Business Insanity Talk Radio, invited Bill Himmelstein onto the show to discuss the wildly popular open office design trend. Follow the link to listen to the segment!

Business News Daily Features Tenant Advisory Group

Business News Daily asked Bill Himmelstein about the effectiveness of office designs for small companies. While many small business owners assume that open offices are the top choice for all workers today, it may cause issues in some organizations.

You can read Bill Himmelstein’s commentary here.

Bill Himmelstein Visits WGN Radio

Business News Daily TAG WGN Radio

Tenant Advisory Group’s own Bill Himmelstein Bill Himmelstein was invited on WGN Radio’s Startup Showcase to talk about TAG and the commercial real estate industry.

You can listen to the full interviewhere.

Bill Himmelstein Interviewed by The Juna Sales Network!

Bill Himmelstein sat down with Andy Mack of The Juna Sales Network to discuss Bill’s approach to networking, sales and curating success in his business.

Bill Himmelstein Featured on the Success Hackers Podcast!

Scott Hansen of Success Hackers sat down to speak with Tenant Advisory Group’s owner, Bill Himmelstein, to discuss Bill’s success. You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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