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We were referred to Bill from Tenant Advisory Group as our lease was coming due. We liked
our location, but the space itself was dated & tired. TAG immediately found us a new space we
love far more than our old one. It’s in a better building, the space is well lit and we got a
beautifully designed brand new suite, all at a similar cost as our old space. Our new Landlord is
also far more responsive and easier to deal with than our previous one. 


Tenant Advisory Group knew that we were on a time crunch so they worked promptly to find us three ideal locations for our healthcare practice. They sought to gain a deep understanding of our needs and worked diligently to make things happen quickly. We actually found our first space on the first day we started working with them! They proceeded to negotiate an aggressive lease that provided us with free rent and TI contributions from the landlord.


Our banker introduced us to the team at Tenant Advisory Group. Throughout the process, TAG was incredibly responsive, very understanding and explained everything to me in a very clear way. The best part is that they were able to save us a tremendous amount of money on our leasing costs. The team negotiated a deal that was 42% below the market price for a renewal, and an additional 32% below that number for a relocation. They guided us through the relocation and always had the time to take our calls and return our emails.