Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Luncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business.

During June’s Executives Luncheon, attendees were prompted with one question: “What employee-management issues have you struggled with in the past year and how did you overcome it?” Here are a few of the lessons shared in response:

Erryn Cobb, CEO, Founder, Fetch IMC – Hire less for skills and more towards ability and values.

Melissa Dotson, President/Owner, Rieke Corp  – Do a “culture index” rather than a resume index. Try and match culture assessment with core competencies of the job. As you grow, conflicts between departments and people happen more often. We created a conflict resolution process.

Tania Fajardo, Managing Partner, Fajardo Law – It’s such a treat to be at a table with a group of Executives from a wide range of industries sharing best practices. It’s incredibly helpful and such a privilege.


Anne Gehring, Founding Partner, Stanton Blackwell

Keith Allen, Partner, Mandell Menkes

Duncan Ashurst, Managing Director, Willis Towers Watson

Peter Wokwicz, CIO/ CEO, BTG/CEX/Alpine Consulting

Jennifer Kraus, Founder, Enjen Growth Advocates

Tanya Fajardo, Managing Partner, Fajardo Law

Lee Travers, CEO, IamMoney

Erryn Cobb, CEO and Founder, Fetch IMC

Paola Meinzer, Principal, Manning Silverman

Terri Crittenden, CEO, Fredman Design Group

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