TAG’s January Networking Adventures

Executives networking event with TAG

The start of the year was met with new connections at the Tenant Advisory Group’s Executives Breakfast and Executives Luncheon. Owners and decision makers from a wide-range of industries came together to build their networks and learn how they can work together to grow their business.

At the breakfast, a lot of great responses were shared based on the discussion question: what is the largest transformation your company has been through? Here are a few responses:

Matt Green, Founder, VentureScale: We work with growth based VC-backed companies to help scale early stage companies, and so we launched a sales accelerator. We saw the need and addressed it.

Mike LaVista, CEO, Caxy: We had one client who was 50% of our business, and they stopped the engagement. We had to restructure the company and going forward made sure no single client made up more than 25% of our revenue. That has helped to stabilize our business.

Bob Goodman, President, ForteONE: Our business was in constant strategic transformation, and we set out to create more repeat, continual business. We built out a process to grow each service line in a thoughtful way, and it all started with who we were talking to.

Thank you to all who attended!

If you’re interested in attending future TAG events, please email Bill Himmelstein at Bill@TagCommercialBroker.com.

TAG Executives Breakfast Guest List

Stuart Baum, President, Large Pond

Bob Berland, CEO, Berland USA

Laurel Bellows, Managing Partner, Bellows Law Group

Rob Bisceglie, CEO, Action for Healthy Kids

Craig Castelli, CEO, Caber Hill Advisors

Melanie De Caprio, President, New Sky Strategies

David Diamond, Partner, Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond Ltd.

Daphne Dolan, Managing Partner, City Staffing

Ric Edinberg, Executive Director, Insitum

Morrie Elstein, Vice Presidentt, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

Chris Gersch, Founder & CEO, Verde Solutions

Keith Glantz, President, Glantz Design

Bob Goodman, President, ForteONE

Mark Grazman, COO, MailControl

Matt Green, Founder, VentureScale

Tim Van Mieghem, Partner, The Proaction Group

Bill Himmelstein, CEO, Tenant Advisory Group

Leonard Kang, People Driven Solutions

Scott Kitun, CEO, Technori

Michael LaVista, CEO, Caxy

TAG Executives Luncheon Guest List

Adnan Adamji, President, XCelCore

Jeff Bechar, President, ComforCare

Juan Carlos Bosacoma, President, CIO Landing

Jim Dash, Managing Partner, Carlson Dash LLP

Daphne Dolan, Managing Director and Owner, City Staffing

Atish Doshi, President and Founder, Black Sheep

Bob Goodman, President, ForteONE

Julie A. Kolodziej, Managing Partner, Matlin Law Group

Kevin Krumm, CEO, Objective Paradigm

John Posner, CEO, Harrison & Held

Junilla Sledziewski, Owner, Kershner Sledziewski Law

Anna Maria Viti-Welch, President, Guy Viti Insurance

Bill Himmelstein, CEO & Founder, Tenant Advisory Group

Dan Porcaro, CEO, PSM Partners

Kim Robinson, President, Frontline

Jonathan Rothstein, Senior Vice President, MB Financial Bank

Joanna Sobran, CEO, MXOtech

Morrie Elstien, Vice President, Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

Stuart Baum, Owner, LargerPond

Melanie De Caprio, CEO, New Sky Strategies

Eric Lazar, Partner, SpeedPro Imaging

Laurel Bellows, Managing Partner, Bellows & Bellows

David Diamond, Partner, Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond Ltd.

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