The Value in Networking

Tenant Advisory Group believes that networking is key for any sustainable and growing business. There is tremendous value in it and we know it works.
Networking, to be precise, is not just going to an event or getting someone’ card after an interesting conversation. It includes following up, and having a one-on-one, and understanding how you can help someone else- that’s where the real “magic” happens. When you sit down with someone, you are learning how your contacts/clients may be useful to them and vise versa. In the end not everyone reciprocates but having good intentions of wanting to help others always comes back.
At TAG, a substantial amount of our time is devoted to networking. We build, rebuild, and reinforce our connections. The remainder of our time goes to transactional client work. We devote a large portion of our time to relationship building so that we are more valuable to our clients and our contacts. We know that having a good network allows us to help our clients grow by connecting them to the right people. In addition, having a quality network allows us to be more of a “trusted advisor” and not just a broker.
Thanks to networking and relationship building, 100% of our clients come from referrals. 50% of our clients come from our networking partners and 50% of our clients come from passed clients who are referring us to new ones!
Another note to make about TAG is that we do not cold call. We find more value in warm calling and networking because we know relationship building is a long-term commitment that will pay off far greater in the long run.
The value in networking comes with an immediate assurance and confidence because it is proven that something good will come out of it. The number of opportunities in any networking setting is countless and we try to make the most of it. Referrals are exchanged, power partners are built and reinforced, friendships are being made. We network to help our company, but we also do it to help our client’ companies.
We also believe networking involves connecting people together, whether or not you are our client. That’s why people like to return the favor and keep us in mind. We actually want others to be successful even if it has nothing to do with real estate.
A company is never too large or too successful to stop networking. No matter how well your business is doing, networking will be the foundation of your growth and success in the long run. You won’t regret it!