How to Lean in to Virtual Touring

Even with the changing landscape surrounding the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), businesses still need to move. If you are in the middle of a corporate move, there are effective ways to continue your office space search while remaining healthy and safe. Here are some tips for those who are working with commercial real estate brokers to find new office space without leaving your home.

  1. Find out if the broker you are working with has any tools that would support virtual touring. 
  2. Ask the broker you are working with if they can go through the space and take pictures or give a tour virtually. This can be done over a video calling software such as FaceTime or Skype.
  3. Have your broker ask the leasing agent of the building to take pictures and give a virtual tour of the property.
  4. Tenant Advisory Group has the ability to give virtual tours on all of their new listings. Check out the custom property search option here.

As information about coronavirus continues to evolve, it is important to lean on the tools and resources that we have at our disposal. If you are in the middle of a corporate move, virtual touring is an excellent way to see your next office space while staying safe. 

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