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  • In most negotiations, it is rare for someone to get what they want without having asked for it first. If a tenant asks for a particular term or concession during a lease negotiation, the tenant will undoubtedly gain more than they started with. Even if the tenant does not acquire exactly what they desired, often a...

  • Networking is vital for any sustainable and growing business. Here are a few key tips to follow to maximize your networking success.

  • Preparing for an office move? Herein we include a list of items that you need to make sure to tackle prior to your relocation. 1. Prepare an inventory of everything to be moved. 2. Have movers come out to premises and do a walk through to determine relocation costs. Develop a basic idea of the...

  • Nov 30, 2021

    December 2021 CRE Market Update

  • Nov 30, 2021

    TAG Gives Back

    Thank you so much for supporting our business. It’s this support that allows us the opportunity to give back to the worthy causes below. Check them out to see all of the amazing work they do, and if you’re able to, consider donating or even volunteering. A little help goes a long way!  American Heart...

  • One question I always get has to do with an approaching lease expiration. How much in advance should we start negotiating for a renewal? The answer is that whether you are relocating to a new space or staying where you are, the time frame is the same. The reason is that in order to achieve...

  • When it comes to a landlord’s consideration in negotiating real estate terms with prospective tenants, does size matter?  In theory, yes. A larger company that takes up more space in a building has more leverage over the landlord because they represent a larger share of the building’s cash flow and profit. They also provide the...

  • When considering hiring a specialist to help you navigate the real estate goals of your business, it’s important to understand the difference between what you get when you turn to a business consultant versus a real estate broker. The word consultant can easily be misleading and tricky. Consulting is the right motive, but a real...

  • Oct 11, 2021

    So You Think You Can Sell?

  • Aug 20, 2021

    August CRE Market Update

  • Chicago’s Top Commercial Real Estate Broker, William Himmelstein, shares insights on what to expect when looking for office space in 2021 and offers tips on navigating the commercial real estate landscape. While many businesses continue to extend their work-from-home policies as the pandemic wears on, many owners report plans to return to the office. Some...

  • In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Bill Himmelstein discuss: Becoming a partner, not a vendor with your networking partners. Leading through giving. Building your social capital and filling the well. The three keys to finding a great networking partner. Key Takeaways: The greatest question you can ask someone is, “how can I help you?” Ask...

  • Jan 19, 2021

    Future of Work: The Impact of Digital Transformation

    In this webinar, hosted by Propellant Ventures, panelists discuss the future of work and the shift to working remotely. Bill Himmelstein, Founder of TAG, shares how business leaders’ commercial real estate needs have been impacted by this shift.

  • Dec 21, 2020

    Pro Business Leaders Roundtable: Commercial Real Estate

    In this webinar, various professionals discuss what is happening in their current market. Bill Himmlestein, Founder of TAG, discusses commercial real estate facts and figures in Chicagoland, which can be applied to what is happening around the country.

  • Dec 17, 2020

    Dealing With Difficult People

    In this webinar, industry leaders discuss their tips and suggestions for working with more challenging individuals. Bill Himmelstein, Founder of TAG, shares how he works with clients, landlords, and other people in the CRE business with more difficult personalities.

  • Dec 09, 2020

    TAG Gives Back

    Thank you so much for supporting our business! It’s this support that allows us the opportunity to give back to some very worthy causes. Check them out to see all the amazing work they do, and if you are able, consider donating or even volunteering. A little help goes a long way!

  • Minority Business Resources Webinar: Chicago MSDC and Chicago MBDA Business Center invited William Himmelstein to present what tenants can do about commercial leases during COVID-19. He discusses how to take advantage of current market conditions: the do’s and don’ts of approaching your landlord, obtaining free rent, restructuring a lease, terminating a lease, and what other...